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Bill Fernie
30-Dec-10, 16:03
This is to test the latest feature on Caithness.org forum


The above video is a sample of what can now be added to the Caithness.org forum.

The process is straightforward using the correct code. Here is one method - there will be others.

Step One
Save your film/vidoe to Youtube or other provider
Or select a video already on a web site.

Step Two
Insert the code
Eg - for the above it was
omit the asterisks in your posting - they are there only for this sample to let you see the required code. The asterisks prevent the video showing again.

You will find the video code in Youtube when you are logged in and select "Share"

21-Jan-14, 06:55
Hi, My name is Shyamal. I'm new in this forum. I want to discuss, share and capturing my unknown knowledge with you all. Hope always will help me here. I will be grateful if i get help from this forum...