View Full Version : Wick Cemetary, servicemen's graves

26-Aug-04, 11:58
Hello, can someone clarify something for me?
I saw from the Wick Cemetary page on the Caithness.org website that the cemetary has a graves of servicemen, including a number from HMS Exmoor.
My uncle -- Norman Pritt -- died on HMS Exmoor when she was torpedoed off Lowestoft in February 1941.
Is this the same HMS Exmoor? And if it is, can someone explain how the bodies ended up in Wick Cemetary? Lowestoft to Wick is a long way -- although the convoy that the Exmoor was escorting was a north-bound from the Thames to the Firth of Forth. Is it possible that bodies would have been picked up by other ships in the convoy, and that one of them would have arrived in Wick?
Many thanks for any information that you can give!

Bill Mackay
06-Sep-04, 08:54
I have checked all the wartime burials in Wick Cemetery and can find none connected with HMS Exmoor. I can, however, find quite a few burials from HMS Exmouth which was torpedoed off Wick in January 1940. The ship names are similar so it has possibly been a mistake. Hope this is of some help.

06-Sep-04, 09:04
many thanks for this clarification. It would certainly make more sense that the graves are of the victims of the Exmouth, rather than the Exmoor.