View Full Version : what's going on priority?

12-Aug-06, 17:58
On the 'What's going on?' frame, I see that I am online first before everyone else, i guess it is the same for everyone, but what electronically determines the order, is it distance/speed to server?:confused

12-Aug-06, 19:03
Yes - 'you' are always first in the listing and usually the listing is alphabetical. Bear in mind that a username which start with odd characters such as underscore or colons will precede usernames with a numerical start - some times capitalised usernames precede lowercase names.

This is the case if you view the who's online list - http://forum.caithness.org/online.php
Not sure why it is not 'alphabetical' here - it is on other forums.

Colin Manson
12-Aug-06, 19:12
The Alphabetical option requires more resources than the random display option.