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10-Aug-04, 23:58
Hi These people married into our Ritchie Line Abt 1830-1860's
Alexander FarQuhar married Jane Rithcie
James Rosie Married Elizabeth Ritchie
David Lyall Married Margaret Ritchie
James Sutherland Married Isobel Ritchie
Our Ritchie's came from Freswick, Cannisbay.
Also looking for John Ritchie & Alexander Ritchie as i haven't foundanything on them after 1861.
Also researching Robert Henderson & Oswald George from Pultneytown he was a carrier.They married 1805. :o)
Thanks Julie Mclean

28-Nov-04, 16:51
What kind of information were you looking for on James Rosie and Elizabeth Ritchie?

They married Jan 5 1844 and I believe James was the son of James Rosie and Elizabeth Dunnet and was probably born between 1814 and 1824. My source for this information is Jennifer Lloyd.

His father would have been James 1776 - 1861, the son of John Rosie and Janet Williamson. His father later married Jannet Rosie the daughter of George Rosie and Jannet Green.

James and Elizabeth Ritchie had seven children Margaret, James, George, Dorothy, a female child, Jane and Isabella?

03-Dec-04, 07:13
Hi I am just trying to fill in the Children and where they ended up..Do you know where Elizabeth is buried?and when she Died?
Many thanks Julie( M.S. Ritchie)

03-Dec-04, 23:26
Sorry Julie
I haven't yet traced this family all down yet so all I can offer on Elizabeth's death is that it had to be after Isabella's birth in 1872 but if I find out more I will post it here.


03-Dec-04, 23:57
Oct 21, 1911 in Keiss Village of senile decay and syncope
parents William Ritchie tailor and Elizabeth Bremner
She is listed as 85.

Informant was a son-in-law John Munro Cormack

04-Dec-04, 08:15
Thanks for the information, if i can help you just shout, I have transcribed 1861 census for canisbay if that is a help to you.. Julie

04-Dec-04, 15:58
Just the one request for now then please Julie

Sinclair Rosie and wife Mary(May or Marjorie maybe even Madge). Should be in Duncansbay. These are my paternal great great grandparents.

I would expect to find their son Arthur ( great grandfather) still with them as he did not marry until 1869 and lived at Duncansbay after that time. He would have been 21 so may have been working out.

I know Sinclair is on the 1861 census but have not made the time to search it for myself yet.

Thanks very much.

ps I have looked at Isabella's( James Rosie and Elizabeth Ritchie) birth record on scotlandspeople if you still need those details - nothing else at the moment.
Do you know which of their daughters would have married the John Cormack on her death record?

05-Dec-04, 21:07
Rosie Sinclair,h,m,m,54 Farmer 9acres, Canisbay.
May,w,m,f,50 farmers wife.canisbay
John,Son,u,m,22,farmers son.Canisbay
George,son,u,m,18,shoem. apprentice.canisbay.
Catherine,dau,u,16,farmers dau,canisbay
Isabella,dau,f,14,farmers dau,canisbay
Hope this helps.
i have the 1881 census, which shows Elizabeth Rosie daughters dorothy, jane,johan still living at home so i could only guess it is one of the others that married Cormack.

06-Dec-04, 03:25
Hi according to the IGI John Munro cormack was born 19april 1873 in Wick mother Ann Cormack no father listed.

02-Jan-05, 21:07
thanks for the lookup Julie

04-Mar-08, 11:33
Hi according to the IGI John Munro cormack was born 19april 1873 in Wick mother Ann Cormack no father listed.
John Munro Cormack aged 22 married Johan Bella Rosie aged 22 on 19 April 1895 in Keiss. Mother given as Ann Cormack Domestic Servant . Johan's parents : James Rosie Fisherman Deceased and Elizabeth Ritchie. Wits James Rosie and Lizzie Manson.

1901 Census has John and Johan in Keiss with 3 children.
Household Members:
Annie M Cormack 1 daug
Donald M Cormack 5 son
Johan M Cormack 28
John M Cormack 27
Lizzie M Cormack 3 daug
Elizabeth Rosie 72 mother in law.

Is Johan Bella Rosie aged 22 at marriage same person as Isabella b1872?


09-Mar-08, 18:54
Hmm not 100% sure at this point Tricia.

I will have to look into that a little more. James Rosie and Elizabeth Ritchie did have a daughter Johan who was born in 1863 and a daughter Isabella in 1872. Both on the IGI.

I have the idea that Johan was still alive in 1881 census but will have to look at it to see if she really is Isabella and the elder Johan was deceased.

I am fairly sure Isabella was her name at birth in 1872.


09-Mar-08, 20:08
Her name is recorded as Isabella at birth. There is a note on her birth of one informal correction but can't quite read the whole note. So she obviously became Johan Bella in the family.

The supposed daughter Johan born in 1863 has no first name on the birth record and it was oldest sister Elizabeth who was the informant?? This one died the same day Jul 21 1863 and again Elizabeth her sister was the informant and no first name recorded.

On her death record on Apr 10 1941 she is listed as Isabella Johan Munro Cormack. It was a son James M. Cormack who was the informant.