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The Happy Humanist
19-Sep-10, 20:09
Hallo all
I've tried to send a pdf to the org for the Scouts coffee morning, but no sign of it appearing.. (the brothers z seem to have made it!) I emailed it to Bill, then when it didn't appear after a wee while emailed him to ask if I had sent it wrongly.... a distinct possibility given my lack of expertise, but haven't heard back.
I know the organisers are busy, so perhaps I'm expecting too quick a response, apologies if so, but any ideas what i can do will be gratefully received.... maybe just be patient???:lol:

Thurso Youth Club FC
20-Sep-10, 13:52
Hi Kate,

I think they must be really busy as i also sent a poster however it still hasnt been put up yet.

Just have to wait im afraid. Hopefully not too long though.

Paul Reid