View Full Version : Uploading an avatar

16-Aug-10, 20:53
How do i use an avatar, there is only 1 bullet point and that is "do not use an avatar" (or similar) is there some setting i am missing?

Or do i have to have been a member for X amount of time before i can upload one?

24-Aug-10, 13:05
Thanks for your help guys :mad::Razz

Figure you have to be a .orger as i can do now.

24-Aug-10, 14:40
go into your usercp then click on avitar and then browse and pick a photo etc then upload and fingers crossed you should have one let me know how you get on x

24-Aug-10, 14:41
Edit avatar on the left I should have said (thats once your in the user cp)

24-Aug-10, 20:10
Thanks, but i got it workin. Option to upload an avatar only appeared when i became a .orger