View Full Version : Harland - Castletown.

28-May-04, 18:38
I have traced some of my ancestors to Harland in Castletown at the time of the 1841 Census.

I know from modern and from www.old-maps.co.uk roughly where the area is, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything of the history of the place or point me in the direction of someone at the Castletown Heritage Society who might be able to help.

Thanks in anticipation,

Jimmy Miller.

16-Jun-04, 13:19
The Castletown Heritage Society is currently 'homeless' but you could try the chairperson for info - contact Muriel Murray on 01847 821204.

19-Jun-04, 13:55
Many thanks for that Fifi, I'll give your lead a go.

Jimmy Miller.