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28-Oct-01, 22:38
Does anyone have a family tree or any information on ancestors and/or descendants of Alexander Bain born Thurso, Caithness in 1811?

29-Oct-01, 15:57
Yes, I do he is my great,great,great,great uncle and I'm still researching the family tree. Please let me know what info you want and I'll see if I can help.

30-Oct-01, 00:13
Thanks for your msg. We have been told by a distant relative that he is also our great great etc uncle! Our grandmother was Jessie Bain. Can you provide details of Alexander's parents, siblings and offspring -names - DOB's or anything else. Most grateful. Where do you fit in? Perhaps we're also related! Regards Linda Peek

30-Oct-01, 01:12
I don't have a Jessie Bain in my records but that's not surprising as he had 12 siblings and I haven't managed to find any of their offspring yet, it is a mammoth task.I come from his brother John b 1812 d 1899. He was my 3 times great grandad. Sorry

30-Oct-01, 09:35
Madge - thanks for that. Have a look at my cousin Andy's web page at http://www.andyhutchinson.com and you will find what we know about Jessie Bain. It's not a very complete family tree - I think he got it done by one of those internet genealogy search services - latter day saints or whatever. You can email me at: [email protected] Linda

30-Oct-01, 09:37
Madge - mistake in my email - it's [email protected]

An Australian address but actually I'm in Paris. Linda

30-Oct-01, 11:48
Had a look at your cousins web page. I will keep a note of your e mail address and get in touch if I can connect Jessie with my family tree. Good luck with your search meantime and maybe somebody else out there can help you before me.

30-Oct-01, 11:53
Do you know if a family tree exists for Alexander? He had two children didn't he? Do you know their names and where they ended up? I gather Alexander died in the same nursing home in Scotland where one of my uncles died - penniless.

30-Oct-01, 16:52
Dear Madge - my sister and I have gone through the information and come up with the conclusion that if Alexander Bain is indeed related to us, his father has to have been a brother to our Thomas Bain born who was born in 1769. Do you have details of Alexander's father's siblings? If there was a Thomas, was he born in 1769?

05-Nov-01, 14:11
I have a Bain . Is this any link.

Janet Bain b 1819 married Angus More b1813 Wick

Janet d 1896 they had 11 children.


05-Nov-01, 21:04
No link with Janet Bain. Thanks anyway.