View Full Version : Where have I seen these?

10-Jun-06, 09:21
Can anyone help? I am after some plastic hanging things that you can hang an ordinary flower pot from. They are made from the same brown plastic as flower pots, they have a hook at the top, and then three 'arms', about 12" long, and at the end of these is a sort of clip that clips around the top edge lip of a flower pot. Make sense?? I have seen them somewhere locally, didn't buy them at the time, and now can't find them again!. Not in Homebase, or Shearers in Wick, but definately somewhere in Wick or Thurso. Anyone seen them?

10-Jun-06, 09:55
Where does the other end clip on to? :confused

10-Jun-06, 10:25
They were being sold in Lidle's a while back, don't think they have any left though.

10-Jun-06, 10:36
The hook at the other end hangs up on a nail or something, like a hanging basket, but these are for just one flower pot.

10-Jun-06, 12:00
Why don't you the pultney nursery in oldwick road

10-Jun-06, 12:25
Ok, I'll keep an eye out for them..:)

Mother Bear
10-Jun-06, 12:37
Have phoned Poulteney town Nurseries,Shinval Garden Centre, Castletown Nursery, Souters Thurso...but still no luck! I didn't dream it honest!! I know I have seen them somewhere!!! lol

10-Jun-06, 13:07
What about christies, whatsits, woolies!

Mother Bear
13-Jun-06, 21:55
Went to the big metropolis of Wick today, gave all the above a look-in, but still haven't managed to track these useful little gadgets down. I think wherever I did see them, they must have sold them all. My son suggested I make some out of wire....maybe I'll give it a go! If it's a big bushy plant to go in the pot, the wire will be hidden anyway.
Thanks for all replies!

16-Jun-06, 19:05
have you tried CLB in Thurso?

Mother Bear
18-Jun-06, 00:33
Thanks for that , but what/where is CLB?

18-Jun-06, 01:01
Caithness livestock breeders down at the thurso east side of the river the big white building at the end

Farmer Billy
18-Jun-06, 17:35
Don't know the where abouts of the pot holders in Caithness but you can buy them on a shopping channel very sturdy things and cheap

29-Jun-06, 18:03
Try www.qvcuk.com (http://www.qvcuk.com)

Mother Bear
30-Jun-06, 20:59
Thanks for the link, pink. The type they have on there are not exactly what I am looking for.
I did try CLB but no luck. Am heading South for a few days so will continue my search, altho' I have successfully made some myself out of thin wire! They serve their purpose , and are cheap and easy to make!
Thanks anyway folks.