View Full Version : Miller Academy 150th Year Reunion

23-Apr-10, 22:02
Would you be interested in a Miller Academy Primary School Reunion, celebrating its 150th year of education? If you have attended or taught at Miller Academy and would be interested in a reunion we'd be delighted to hear from you on this forum or on our Facebook page, Miller Academy, Thurso.

We have a bit of time to make this anniversary a special one as Miller's 150th year will be 2012 - please encourage us to get something organised by registering interest NOW - the more time we have the more special we can make it!!

28-Dec-10, 23:14
Sounds good, I attended Millar Academy in the mid 50s. Left in 1958

29-Dec-10, 11:03
Aye that's a good idea. I left Miller Academy in 1959.
I would support it, God willing as my grandfather always added. :lol:

01-Jan-11, 19:41
ah Now then that is one more reason to re visit in 2012

13-Jan-11, 15:30
My mum was at Miller Academy from 1952 to 1955 and would like to attend the reunion if it goes ahead.