View Full Version : Dog whose into gardening

22-May-06, 12:15
Can anyone give me tips on how to stop my 10 month old puppy from digging up the plants in the garden and trying to get to Australia with his digging. He loves eating shrubs in particular and has now taken to chewing my rose bushes. The thorns dont even seem to make a difference. Is there something I could buy or has anyone got any ideas.

22-May-06, 12:53
If you have enough room, give him a seperate area of the garden with a sandpit where you hide bones and toys for him, this will encourage him to only dig in one area.

Try to spend time in the garden with your dog playing, hopefully he will find you of more interest than your plants.

If not they you will probably be limited to growing grasses, which can take being stomped all over and also will regrow when your dog has taken a chunk out of them for his mid-morning snack.

I have the same trouble with my puppy, but he is improving, good luck