View Full Version : Any McIntoshs out there?

07-Apr-04, 08:41
Hi everyone,

I come from New Zealand, but am living in Edinburgh now. My maternal grandmother's family are the McIntoshs of Thurso and Caithness and I would love to connect with someone who is part of that family.

Andrew and Henrietta McIntosh emigrated to New Zealand somewhere between 1872 and 1876. I think they had been living in or near Inverness before they left. Andrew's father was Daniel McIntosh married to Ann Ross and he sailed in the Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and later drowned in a freak accident in Thurso Bay (so family history has it).

His mother was Janet Bain and his father was also Daniel McIntosh. Does any of this ring any bells for anyone? I have always understood someone in the family was buried in Old St Peters churchyard, but when I visited briefly a year ago, I couldn't find the grave. I think it would be so great to locate some distantly connected relations.

Here's hoping!


Shon Harcus