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10-Oct-01, 15:06
I am trying to trace my family history. my grandfather was a Sinclair from Dunbeath and his mother was of the Gunn clan. i also believe my great auntie Margret Sinclair still lives in Dunbeath. I have not been to Dunbeath since I was 5 and i am now 22 and studying textiles at uni. for my fourth year project i am reproducing tartan and i also need a bit of family history.So if anyone can help i would be very greatful,

Maxine Sinclair

10-Oct-01, 16:16
hi there i am from dunbeath i am sure i recognise your aunties name but am unsure i will ask around for you and see what information i can find out

22-Oct-01, 04:23
bleh, Sorry about the blank there.

I was wondering the names of your Gunn relative. I am a Gunn and am curious. :grin:


27-Apr-02, 13:22
I have a relative named Margaret Sinclair who married John Meiklejohn on the 12th November 1761 I am not sure if she is a relative of yours or not.

feel free to email me back.