theres a tear in my eye for caithness now that we are no there
for the wild rugged rocks on its coast
for the skys you would not belive
for the heather that huggs the hills and the rabbits that crouch in its fields
for the diamonds that dance on its seas and the white horses the east wind reveal
for the clusterd sandstone villages that hide beneath its wind
and the ruined crofts that are leftbehind
for the small forgotten harbours stretching out to see and the boats that still take to fishing bringing home a small catch
for the gulls drifting on the winds and for the seals on the sea
for its castles and its stead fast pepole of caithness
these are the things i miss for theres a tear in my heart clouding my veiw of the highlands shores now beckinging me home the call of caithness is hared to ignore a home coming soon i hope