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Took your advice and googled "veil (sic) of clettwr" and could not find anything, I then looked up "Burkha of Clettwr" & "Hijab of Clettwr" thinking you had made a mistake, but again no joy.

In exasperation, I then googled "Vale of Clettwr", and found the hunt that you referred to. Seems that this hunt has a history of both badger baiting and violence against people. which supports the argument that people who like hurting animals, also like hurting their fellow man.
In case you have "forgotten" about the heroic exploits of your former "hunt" I enclose details for you

Vale Of Clettwr Foxhounds"..Vale Of Clettwr Foxhounds Hunt master David Lyn Lloyd (47) of Blaenpant Farm, Pencader and terriermen John Geraint Owen Thomas (48) of Gwarbistgwynwydd, Maesycrugiau, and Gethin Jones (46) of Gardde, Cwmdwyfran and foot follower John Gareth Jones (64) of Golygfa, Heol Gilfachwen, Llandysul had encroached without permission on to forestry land. Gethin Jones who said he had 30 years' experience as a terrierman, dismissed a prosecution suggestion that he had disturbed an active badger's sett and said he had walked around the area and had not seen any signs of setts. John Geraint Thomas said, "I have been a terrierman for over 30 years and there is no doubt in my mind that this was not a badger's sett. I know there are active setts in the area but we couldn't see these from where we were."

In addition there is also the following:

Three supporters of the Vale Of Clettwr Foxhounds bound over to the keep the peace for a year after an incident when a sab van was surrounded and the driver dragged out and held upside down. Terrierman Emyr Davies and supporters John Galmore Jones and John Geraint Owens denied violent disorder and the theft of 6 items of sab equipment.."

Finally, could you indicate in the Hunting Act 2004 the relevant section which states that "you must carry a gun with you at all times.."

I trust that this will be forthcoming because you do state in your very lucid post that you know this Act "im only saying this because i know more bout hunting than you probably do"

And in the interest of providing a balanced argument, I await your quoting of criminal convictions against those who use violence and intimidation to further the Anti cause...

...I'll not hold my breath, Anfield.