Well I have now built up a good deal of information from my direct line of the Budge family, but I'd really like to know what happened to others from near the top of my tree.

Does anyone out there know anything about members in bold of the following two generations?

Family of John Budge and Janet Bain, married Watten 1728:
Alexander (Watten, 1734)
John (Watten, 1736)
William (Watten, 1738) - there is some belief that this William married Helen (Ellen) Meicklejohn 1770 and if so I have a fair bit on their subsequent family
James (Watten, 1742)
Donald (Watten, 1748) - this is my direct line

Family of the above Donald Budge and Christian Douglas, marriage date unknown:
Janet (Thurso, 1773)
Elizabeth (Halkirk, 1777)
John (Halkirk, 1778) - John died unmarried in Wick, 1860
William (Halkirk, 1782) - I have this William as possibly emigrating to the USA, but this may be confused with a possible cousin, son of William and Helen above.
Alexander (Halkirk, 1786)
Donald (Halkirk, 1787) - I know a fair amount about this Donald from his marriage with Elizabeth Harper
Christian (Watten, 1789)
David (Watten, 1790) - this is my direct line
Isobel (Watten, 1793)
Margaret (Watten, 1796)

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks ... Simon