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Thread: Bingo every Thursday in Skinandis

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    Default Bingo every Thursday in Skinandis

    Thurso Town Improvements Association are starting Bingo in Skinandis nightclub every Thursday night at 7:30pm from Thursday 13th April

    There will be a 10 Card, 3 Card, LoFlyer and Hi Flyer Jackpot Rollover game every week plus a Free Flyer every week throughout April and May.

    Admission will be open to anyone 18 years old or over

    Beginners and experienced players are welcome

    All profits will go towards the Thurso Town Improvements funds for improving the amenities within the town

    The objective of the TTIA is to raise funds and foster community spirit

    Please help us help the local community

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    unicorn Guest


    where did you manage to get a bingo machine and was it a decent price?? please help Fran and the hospital patients to have a decent game of bingo if you can

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    For all the orgers worrying about Fran and her quest for a Bingo machine i have pm'd her with a cheap solution to the problem and if she gets back intouch i may be help reduce her costs dramatically for bingo calling and other bits and bobs which i can pass onto her

    I may even be able to get the solution free and the books if i have a word with my fellow committe members and get them to pay for the solution as lets be fair Thurso people are in that hospital as much as the rest

    We may get a happy ever after for her yet!! aawwwwww!

    On another note the Thurso Town Improvements are also in the process of organising an Outdoor Music Festival for the St Georges Park (the Dammies to the rest of us) the idea at the moment is loads of bands from allover the county and beyond playing all the various types of music you can think of
    All profits will be split equally between Thurso Town Improvements and Caithness General Hospital

    One problem we have - before contacting the hospital - - is what, in the hospital to put it towards, our thoughts were something towards A&E as that affects everyone whos is admitted from all over the county
    Anyone any suggestions or know of anything before we speak to them
    All ideas considered let me know and i'll suggest it

    If any bands out there fancy showcasing themselves feel free to contact me on TownImprovements@Thurso.Org
    www.Thurso.Org ( wonder what made us think of that name!! sorry Niall,Bill)
    is our new site which you may want to hae a look at, its still in constructiona nd hopefully we will have a programme and some other stuff in there in th enext week but send us any info,contribution, suggestions or what ever, all critisism is welcome its the only way we can get it right
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    gogglebox...have sent you a pm about the hospitals A and E department.
    Live for today as tomorrow may never come

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    No should be about Bingo machine and books

    Have i messed it up

    pm'd u again, hope its clearer, im not used to the PM'ig so mess it up apologies
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    Bingo in Skinandis? Next they'll be showing movies. I wonder if anyone has any of the old bingo machines that were part of this, the original Picture House?

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    Thursday night bingo???

    Jumping into the Viewfirths boots??

    The place aint cold yet (mind you, it was never a warm place!!)

    The Loafer
    Tally ho with a bing and a bong and a buzz-buzz-buzz

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    Yes I am a heartless soul!!

    However on the up side all the people who liked playing bingo on a Thursday can continue to play and all to the good of the local community

    Its gonna be called Community Bingo as thats whose gonna benefit

    plus we had to move quick as there is a big demand to run bingo

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    here there and everywhere


    You cant have a community and not have the bingo we need the bingo .

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    Quite right so tell all your friends and their friends too!!

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    wee bump up

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    Default Bingo-Skinandis Thursday 13April 7:30pm Start

    The countdowns on to the Thurso Town Improvements Bingo starting in Skinandis on Thursday 13th April 7:30 Start, Doors Open 6:30

    For those of you that are interested in the details the prize payout will be 70% return minimum

    Which is as good as anywhere else in town maybe even better than some.

    There will be various combinations of the line and house on the 10 Card
    and 3 card and House games on our Lo Flyer and Hi Flyer plus a rolling Jackpot on the Hi Flyer

    There will also be the FREE flyer(a line and house game) during April and May where the payout will be atleast the same as the 10 Card but could be more depending on attendance

    The raffle will be three prizes and the prizes are all good quality and the first prize particularly will be high value

    There will be other games on sale for all to take part in

    The admission will be 1 and is open to anyone and everyone 18 Years and older - - New and Experienced players welcome

    All profits will go towards the Thurso Town Improvements funds for improving the amenities within the town

    Please come along and have a look and support your local community

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    bump up as a last week reminder before it starts

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    Good luck with your bingo gogglebox, hope it is a great success.
    Live for today as tomorrow may never come

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    Default Bingo again this Thursday

    Bingo is on again this Thursday 7:30 Start with doors open at 6:30 in Skinandis
    Last weeks went fairly well and we paid out over 520 in prizes and now have a rolling jackpot started which will roll over every week until we get a winner to a max of 1000

    For those who were at it we hope you enjoyed it and come back to see us again soon.
    For those who thought it a little cold because of the smokers going in and out we hope that we will solve that problem

    The computerised bingo system worked well although we will speed it up a little more as the weeks progress as everyone gets used to it

    Hope to see you there soon

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    Default Bingo Going Well

    The Community Bingo in Skinandis seems to be going well after a couple of small teething troubles things are really working well

    Everybody is welcome as long as they are 18 years or over with the chance to win good money
    We have paid out well over 1000 in prize money so far and our Jackpot game is rising up quite nicely

    So if you have never played and fancy it come along and bring some friends
    We could do with a few extra bodies to get the prize money really going
    We have been returning over 75% each night in winnings so far and our raffles have been for Tellys and Lawn Mowers

    (Doors open 6:30pm)

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