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Thread: New home needed

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    Default New home needed

    I am wondering whether anyone on the Org knows of an outdoor home for our cat Saul He was a feral cat whom I took in and he is now tame and although a bit shy around strangers, will do anything for a bit of cooked ham. He recently has had tussles with my other cats and as we live beside a busy road, they are all indoor cats. Saul spends his time watching the bitds out the window and would love the outdoor life again. He has recently started using the couch as his litter tray which has not won him friends. A visit to the vets found him in perfect health and it has been put down to a behavour problem as he was very good litter trained before. I would like him to have a home around the farm or country as this is what he came from and he is a lovely cat. I am sad at having to offer him for rehoming but cannot live with his recent behaviour.

    "A faithful friend is the medicine of life"

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    You will be feeling awful at having to re home Saul.....him using the sofa as his loo is probably down to the fact he needs to be free.
    You will find him someone who lives rural to give him a new home and you have done so well in recuing him and bringing him on. Bless you.

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    It has not been an easy decision as he is really friendly with us now and runs down the stair looking for me as soon as I come home. But this latest problem is making the choice for me. I hope he does find a nice home as he has had a life of Riley here.

    "A faithful friend is the medicine of life"

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