lol it was real hahaha but it wasnt home made

my friend just went to the chippy and i decided to have mac cheese and a baked tattie for a change and there was no baked tatties

so i got a couple of sausages instead, but when he returned and told me it was 3 for the macaroni and i opened the chinese tub and seen what looked like tinned macaroni, i gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it and it was tinned macaroni chees with cheese melted over it in the microwave not even grilled or done in the oven for a few mins

i know for a fact it was tinned because since i was a wee boy i never liked tinned macaroni heated up it has a weird taste i always ate mine cold, weird i know but its true, as soon as i tasted it i knew it was tinned and one small tin, i had tw friends try it and say it was minging and tasted like tinned mac cheese

3 for a tin of mac cheese WARMED in the micro wasnt even that hot when i got it the dog got it, and 4 people behind the counter!!! and still half warmed tinned mac cheese ive seen it all now