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Thread: Mamma Mia

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    Cool Mamma Mia

    I watched this yesterday. Have to say, I was quite disappointed. It had a few amusing moments but I found so much of it drawn out. I could not emphasise with Meryl Streep's character and the daughter was just annyoing.

    But it was quite fun.

    What did the org's film critics think?
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    i loved it
    thought the acting was great and soo was the music, my 5 year old loves it aswell lol

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    I've watched it three times now since last November - on dvd.
    First time I had an inane grin on my face almost all the way through it.
    Loved the radiance of the location shots. The Greek Island cheered me up.
    I'd been no fan of Streep but she lit up the screen. The young lass who played her daughter was ideal and vivacious.

    The film was made by women and starred women and possibly appealed mostly to women but I liked it too. The cast had a fabulous time making it and how it showed.

    I do like Abba music so that helped. My 6y.o. Grandaughter had the grin too when she watched it so it might be a genetic trait. I bought her the c.d. soundtrack and she loves it.Mrs.T was less enamoured of the movie after the second viewing but all in all it was one of the film highlights of 2008 for yours tobogganly.

    All that said I'll perhaps not watch it again this side of my dotage.

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    Hubby and I went to see it at the cinema last year, and we both absolutely loved it! We'd been told beforehand that it was a "feel good" movie, and we were not disappointed. It exceeded our expectations, in fact!

    Like Percy says, it was obvious that the cast had a fabulous time making it, and their exuberance was contagious. The music was fantastic, of course. Hubby and I have loved Abba's music since back in the day, and this movie was a brilliant way to revive it.

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    me and my oh have both seen it and thought that it was a good film something feelgood about it.

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    I did enjoy it but not as much as I was expecting to - considering all the hype surrounding it. It annoyed me that Meryl's singing wasn't that good and other actors/actresses weren't up to scratch singing-wise too. But it had a good story and was quite funny.

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