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Thread: Bargain DVDs

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    Default Bargain DVDs

    For anyone who fancies stocking up on new films, have a sale on where thousands of DVDs are going for 5 including p&p. Have just ordered a few myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shabbychic View Post
    For anyone who fancies stocking up on new films, have a sale on where thousands of DVDs are going for 5 including p&p. Have just ordered a few myself.
    Thanks a lot for that. I'll have a look. I spend far too much dosh on dvd's and the chance of getting a few more economically is enough to bend the visa card!

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    Slightly harder street!

    Default is where i get all my dvd's and things! If you have something on pre-order then 99% of the time it will be posted through yer pretty door the day its released!
    GET OVER IT!!!!!

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    Default dvds etc

    Another good site is, they are based in china bu get the cds etc to you very quickly and give good deals on blu ray etc...
    They sometimes get new releases earlier than britain too and they are very helpful..
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    Tesco are selling dvd's for 1
    Live for today as tomorrow may never come

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    I went in Tesco - luckily we have all the major supermarkets within a two mile radius. Didn't see anything this time for a quid but three weeks ago I did get 'The Odyssey' for one pound - a 1997 production which I've not watched yet. I'm a big fan of the story - Troy and all that since childhood and got it to introduce my Grandaughter to it a few years down the line - she already likes the kids books on the topic.

    Sainsbury's had nothing for me so I went into Morrisons where we go every week anyway. I looked at Apocolypto but the 'pain' thing puts me off. I managed to get 'Little Children' for 2.99. I like Kate Winslet. Having watched only half an hour it's a bit early to say. If it's any good I'll put a short review on Shelley's recommendations thread. Unusually it has a spoken narrative...which is adding something pretty good to this movie. I need to enlist Mrs.T as I always enjoy sharing a decent film more than watching them on my own.

    I'm also looking forward to checking out something I taped off the telly last night. Red Road which is set in Glasgow and tells the tale of a woman who watches lots of close circuit public surveillance cameras. I had a short peek at it and it looks as though it might be good. I gleaned a sense of tension early on....we shall see.

    Back to pricing though and I think Morrisons two for a fiver thing is consistently good. They introduce new titles regularly too.

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