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Yesterday, I was walking down one of the main roads with my father in the centre of a city I used to live in when I saw someone I once knew very well but whom I hadn't seen for over twenty years. I greeted her with a smile and a hug and asked how she was. She looked well and she smiled and said she was fine but she looked a little puzzled. I realised later this was because she thought she was invisible to me. I asked what she was doing these days and she replied that she was a 'liaison mage'. For a second, I wondered what this meant but then I realised the enormity of the experience. It suddenly dawned on me that my friend had died more than 20 years ago and she was now working as a liaison officer between our world and 'the other side'. It was clearly an important job. I think she could read my mind because she seemed happy with my reaction. I asked where she lived, she said her base was hidden below the surface of Mars but she spent a lot of time on Earth liaising with people here. I said it was good to see her and that we should catch up with each other properly soon but I had to dash off and catch up with my father before he got lost in the ruined buildings we were about to visit. At this point she stood up to her full eight feet in height and bade me farewell. I ran down the street and found my father waiting by the gate. I didn't tell him about my experience.

I awoke this morning feeling rather puzzled but feeling happy that I still remembered my former friend after all these years.

What do you think? Have you had a similar experience?
Wow! Was that a dream or a nightmare? All kidding aside, it sounds like a pleasant experience.