What about the one where the WK boat had a disgusting water tank , with a fine rusty colour of water coming through so the cook decided to boil the mince with lemonade instead

Another story of a WK boat was when the crew needed to cut a bad bit of rope out then splice the 2 ends back together so that they could shoot the gear. Well none of the crew were much good at splicing so the Skipper obviously didnt trust them & asked for the ropes to be handed in the wheelhouse windows.
Only thing was, he was handed one end in the starboard window & one end through the forrad facing window !! He was halfway through splicing it when he realised what he was doing & went mental as his crew were ending themselves laughing at him

Another WK boat had a skipper who was noted for being a bookworm, of sorts, He would read his book no matter what but quite often hed get to the 4th last page only to find the rest of the book had strangely ripped out Not just the once either. The devils!!!