Two women died and went to heaven. Betty asked, 'How did you die?'
Jean answered, 'Froze to death. Wasn't too bad once I got over the shivering bit. Got quite warm after that, fell asleep and woke up here. How did you die?' she asked.
'Massive heart attack.' Betty said thoughtfully. 'Thought my husband was having an affair so I came home unexpectedly and found him watching telly.'
'Well,' said the Jean. 'That wouldn't have given you a heart attack.'
'No.' Betty replied, 'But I ran upstairs looking in all the rooms, convinced there was another woman somewhere in the house. I rushed up into the attic then down to the basment and by the time I was finished, I collapsed and here I am.'
Jean replied 'Pity you didn't look in the freezer or we both would still be alive.'