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Thread: Charity Shop Finds

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    Default Charity Shop Finds

    Whats the best craft item you have found in a charity shop/car boot sale ?

    I never see anything myself worth speaking off (apart from the wool in Blythswoods in Wick) but my neighbour is Queen of finding a bargain.

    She often comes home with old wifies sewing baskets crammed to the brim or really nice wool at silly prices (50p a ball of Fizz wool, still in production) and not one but 2 blackwork kits for 50p each.
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    Default charity shop finds

    I love charity shop shopping...I once got a pair of designer jeans for 2 that would have been about 150 and they were like new think they hadn't even been worn, I also like old jewellery and have picked up some nice pieces in charity shops without fancy price tags...good to get something a bit different from the high street! and the proceeds go to good causes so ethically sound too...I also recycle my items back to charity shops when I am done with them so the circle continues!

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    I must admit to being a charity shop lurker.....I love looking for bargains and have been really lucky in finding jeans, tops all with tags still on. My best find was a part of a broken silver necklace which I made into a is solid and I got it for 2. My fav find is a pottery study of otters...again for 2....................Yes, I am a rummager

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    I buy mum wool from the charity shops when I can find it and she knits jumpers and cardis for the grandkids.

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    The best thing I ever found at a carboot was a braclet. It was really dirty but it fitted ( i have really big wrists lol ) and it looked really pretty, got it for 1. Got it home cleaned it up and found that it had a broken link. Threw it in the bottom of me jewellery box and forgot about it. When I sorted out the said box came across it again. Took it to the jewellers to get it mended only to find out that it is 9ct white gold with near a carat of diamonds and over 4 ct of tanzanite and is worth near 500.

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    9 black plastic sacks of knitting yarn for 10 and a large suitcase of pure wool,silk,merino and cotton yarns 5.00.
    Set ot templates and 1/2 finished patchwork bedspread with many of the fabrics 3.00
    Just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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    My best charity shop buy was a few years ago - I found a first edition of Ellis Peters' first Brother Cadfael novel in spanking new condition for 1...and sold it for 1,000.

    Usually I just look for bags, scarves and jewellery plus bits and pieces for the house that take my eye.. pots, vases, bowls, little boxes and soft furnishings. It's nice to find something that bit different from what you see in the High Street shops, and often much better made.

    Sometimes I find the odd item of clothing in my size that's new and still has its tags on, or is old but interesting -but most things seem to be either far too big or far too small.

    I'm spoilt with three excellent charity shops within easy reach and another four not too far away. I have to be quite strict with myself or I'd be in them every day -I've found it gets pretty addictive! I think it's a great hobby and a very cheap form of retail therapy.

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    I love buying from charity shops. I love recycling and not paying full price for stuff too

    Best buys tend to be stuff when I really needed it - I once got a great double buggy for 10 when I was really broke, and it lasted for years. I mainly look for clothes and wool, wish I could manage a haul like yours, Lizz!

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