My name is Iain Barnie. I'm trying to update and expanse my family tree.

What I'm trying to do is to confirm the dates of when and where they were bornn and died. Alone with where they lived and what types of jobs they did.

With help from my sister, Jane Barnie and my dad, Neil Barnie, the family tree has been expanded but there are a lot of birth, death and marriage dates that are unknowing.

The imformation that I have already got show the family tree starting with Adam Barnie(1754 - 1841) who married Catherine Brock (1771 - 1839) and lived in Longoe and finisher with Neil Barnie, who was born in 1946 in Lybster.

The family tree also show's a link into the Mowat family, because Catherine Barnie (1848 - 1946) married James Mowat (1848 - 1885) and was the hotel keeper of the Portland Arms Hotel in Lybster.

The Mowat family go back to James Mowat who married Jean Steven. There are no dates on when they were born or died for James or Jean or kwnowing, but their son, William Mowat who married Elizabeth Bermner has a date of birth of between 1755 and 1756) and lived in Mey.

The family tree finishers with James Mowat and Joan ( surname unknowing) two sons, John Mowat the third and Jemma Mowat, There no other information about this people.

The last person in the Mowat family that has dates of the year that they were born and died is John King Mowat (1913 - 1988) who married Elizabeth (surname and date of birth: unknowing) and is the great grandfather of John Mowat and Jemma Mowat.

Any information that you can provide that can help me improve my family tree and clear up some of the unknowons either the Mowat side or the Barnie side will be very grateful.

Thank you.
Email address: www.barniei@yahoo.com.au