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Thread: Cetaceans/Seals

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    Default Cetaceans/Seals

    We are again approaching the season when whales and Dolphins will start to come close to shore to feed on large shoal of young fish.
    Also fast approaching is the common seal pup season.
    Unlike the Grey Seals, Common Seals are born in the sea late May and into July.(they are born earlier in lower latitudes February onward)
    If they become seperated from mum they may have problems feeding and become weak and come ashore.
    If anyone does come across a small seal on a beach that looks to be in trouble please contact the BDMLR 01825765546
    They will then contact the local Marine Mammel Medics to investigate.
    This also applies with stranded Whales, Dolphins and Porpoise.

    If you see any Cetaceans (Whales, Dolphins, Porpoise) around the Caithness coast then please pass on the information on this web site or PM OR TXT 07762969822 so i can record the information on my Caithness sightings calendar.
    Last year i received 186 sightings 11 of these sighting were of Killer Whales.
    There is also a on line sightings form on the Seawatch Foundation web site.
    There will also be the annual 1 week seawatch event starting on Saturday 21st

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