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Thread: daffodil bulbs

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    Default daffodil bulbs

    I have just found a box of bulbs I must have bought and forgotten about, is it worth planting them now ?

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    I would stick them in anyway, you've nothing to lose, they may just flower later than usual, have they started to sprout? I'd plant them nice and deep to protect them and give them a chance to get going.

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    Thanks, they haven't started to sprout.
    I will stick them in tomorrow

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    Yeh go ahead and plant them. They're going to sprout whether in ground or still in the box, so give them the best chance you can. Post us a piccie later in the year.
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    I will

    I love gardening but am pretty rubbish at it, I manage to kill off most of the stuff apart from the grass !

    I have a huge tidy up to do this year before I can even start.

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