I've been thinking about what I would do if I won the lottery...... (I wish!!), and had the money to put something back into the community.

The first thing would be to provide a community centre type thing for Wick. Somewhere where people of all ages could drop in at all times of day, could be used for playgroups, coffee mornings, etc during the day and as a drop in/hang out place for older children at nights. I grew up in Inverness and our local centre really was the hub of the community, where Sunday Schools to discos were held, birthday parties, playgroups, indoor games nights, bingo etc etc. The list was endless. My mum also ran the kitchen for a while, serving really cheap decent meals, and only covering the overheads, no profit made. It really worked and still does. If I concentrated in trying to pull the older children off the streets on a night time, this would maybe make a tiny bit of difference to address the vandalism/drug problem in the town (dont tell me it aint happening, I hear enough crack). The centre would have to be quite central in the town, I was thinking the old picture house, and have the backing from local government and all other bodies.

Secondly, I would get a fleet of buses on the go, and offer a comfortable and reliable bus service ALL over the towns and the county. Wouldnt have any big ones that rattle and bounce all over the place, spurting diesel fumes, just the wee 20-odd seaters, that are warm and reliable and economical to run.

Lastly, I would buy John O'Groats Hotel and turn it into THE place that everybody wants to stay in when they visit Caithness. Such a shame that a splendid building like that is going to waste, anyway, it would give me an income to fund my top two ventures!!

Dont want much do I? What would you do?