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Thread: Camelia

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    Brought my camelia up from England with me, does anyone know if they do well here or is it doomed!
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    Default camellia

    There are many types of camellias, some hardier than others. To protect the flowers from frost-thaw damage, position the plants away from full early morning sun and drying winds.

    I have a small camellia, bought from local co-op for 1.99 three years ago. I read up on it and thought it doesn't stand a chance in caithness, but it proved me wrong, earlier this year it flowered. I gave it no special treatment, but do have it in a pot.

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    Thanks for that, will wait and see, have a south east facing corner at the front of my house which is fairly sheltered from the sea winds, so will try it there.
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    Have three in our front garden. One flowered this year. I feed them them occasionally. They are growing slowly.

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