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Thread: Ebay scams?

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    We buy and sell a lot on Ebay and one thing to look out for is people using Yahoo, Hotmail email addies etc These are free and scammers can make up as many of them as they like and cannot be traced. Just like the org won't sign up anyone without a proper address, etc etc

    Anyone with broadband or dial up either pays or has a free subscription and get a number of email addies to make up and use so why use a rubbish free one that generally get mountains of spam!

    Also with Paypal you MUST only ship to a confirmed address if you ship to another address they give you no protection will be given by Paypal. The truth about Paypal is that it is great if your buying but rubbish and unsafe if your selling read their policies thoroughly and you'll see sellers have virtually no protection what so ever. But if you buy something and says it arrived faulty or something you'll get your money back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeemag_USA View Post
    no money ever arrives in paypal, its just a scam to get personal information, there is no item and its all imaginary. they are looking for addresses and phone numbers.
    Unless I read this wrong, there WAS an item. The guy said his girlfriend had sold her mobile on eBay.

    There are different scenarios where people send scams concerning items they are supposed to be selling to you, I usually find it to be things I do not have the remotest interest in buying. They are much more obvious scams and easy to avoid.

    Maybe I have been lucky but I have had over 500 transactions on ebay, most via Paypal and never had a problem getting my money from numerous countries.

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    For larger, more expensive items like the boat you can pay by escrow. Ebay even recommends a company (which may be there own) to hold the money for the both of you.
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    I have just been the victim of e-bay theft. Won a bid on a brand new nokia phone and sent a cheque for 85 which was quickly cashed, as the seller had 98 positive feedback i foolishly thought them to be genuine. When i went on line last night to check with the seller where my phone was i discovered their feedback had dropped to 48 and they had shut their account. It turns out not only did i get 85 stolen but ten other poor buyers have also been scammed of over 1000 in total. Will never buy anything of value again from e-bay unless through paypal and dont always go by a person appearing to have good feedback.

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    98% positive feedback is a warning, not an encouragement to bid. Compare it with the amount of transactions and you can gauge easily how trustworthy the seller is.

    Caveat emptor, as they say.
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    Some tips on Escrow, just to be sure everybody is aware, Paypal and Western Union ARE NOT Escrow services.

    Use only escrow services recommended by EBay. ( is the only one)
    Never use an escrow service recommended by the other party, period.
    Be sceptical. According to one source, the odds are one in nine against you finding a legitimate online escrow service.
    Don't deal with an escrow company that's been in business for less than four years. Investigate their legitimacy, and don't believe any claims - from anyone - that you can't verify independently.
    Only deal with sellers who have amassed good, verifiable feedback (don't necessarily believe all feedback claims without investigation).
    If you're sending an item, make sure that the recipient has to sign for it.

    NEVER install 'transaction files' if asked to by a seller, they will alter your system to fool it into displaying

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