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Thread: "Bonnie" Prince Charlie

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    Default "Bonnie" Prince Charlie

    I see in the Sunday Mail of a week ago there is to be a special Songs of Praise from Wick. It is to be a celebration of the late Queen Mums' affection for the Castle of Mey and Caithness. Prince Charles is to be involved in the programme and the actual service, I think........I wonder who will be interviewed, choose the hymns etc It will not be broadcast until October. Any thoughts from anyone, hope they show Wick and Caithness in a good light.

    The article can be found at

    p.s. Surely I can't be the only person who got a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye watching the celebrations comemerating 60 years since end of WWII

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    Good stuff, I am sure the area will look stunning on film as it usually does. However, it might have been more fitting to have filmed it in Canisbay Church as that is the one that the QM attended when she was in residence in the Castle of Mey.

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    My first thought was also why not Cannisbay Kirk, but on reflection I presume it is the physical size of the church in order to get a decent size congregation and enough room for all the equipment. I am sure it will figure in the programme.

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    Default Canisbay Church and Songs of Praise

    Hope I am not letting cats out of bags here!

    Melvich Gaelic Choir are featuring in the Songs of Praise and they will be filming in Canisbay Church and John O Groats early August.

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    Default songs of praise from Wick

    Thats good news.I shall certainly be watching that one.

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    Some of the more recent "Songs of Praise" programmes I have watched cover fairly large areas of local beauty and have not been confined to the one Church. I would imagine that as 'weeboyagee' says, we will be in the Canisbay church as well as the 'Pulteney Parish' and probably several areas of local beauty that the late Queen Mother was fond of.
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    Wakey Wakey Horseman and Whitewater. Did you not look at the date of this first posting. This is all old news as the posting was in 2005. The programme was on a long time ago.

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