I can see why some refer to our FM as Humza Useless rather than Yousaf. He blames Westminster over not being able to show Scotlands games on free tv, when it's absolutely nothing to do with Westminster. But hey, why not carry on in Nicolas vein, blaming everything on Westminster, never mind facts!

He then goes on to claim how wonderful Scotlands GDP is compared to the rest of the UK when all the figures say the opposite. Let's see if he has the courage to stand up in Holyrood and apologize for lying.

https://democratonline.net/2023/03/31/116412/ Story with links to the relevent facts.

Nice to see many in the SNP actually feeling able to speak out after years of being under the dictators control. Well done to Fergus Ewing for speaking out about how toxic the Greens are.

“We’ve allied ourselves to a small group of fringe extremists that want to dismantle our economy, put hundreds of thousands on the dole and basically close down rural Scotland.” and calling them “wine bar pseudo-intellectuals”. https://news.stv.tv/politics/former-...-holyrood-deal

Humzas days are limited, he's going to be the SNP's Liz Truss.

Time for change. Time for Labour. Time to kick the Greens back into the wilderness