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Thread: King Charles and ‘his Cash’.

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    Default King Charles and ‘his Cash’.

    This past week the stories of ‘Honours’ for Millions of £’s., and the vast sums that ‘The Royal Family’ gets is quite unbelievable!

    Years ago people felt the Queen Mother and the Queen deserved all these Monies, but I just read about what Charles, Edward and Andrew spend and, the The Properties they own.
    ’Tis Unbelievable!
    And Charles’ Bag Man resigned some years ago for bestowing these things, but still works for your New King!
    It might be better if The Energy portrayed on these pages, be directed towards ‘relieving’ The Royals of some of their ‘ill gotten gains’!

    I know some Scots who think they owe it to these people……I question why!

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    I have not been a royalist since we were all marched outside the North school to line the route for - my words as a bairn, who is that old wifie in the posh car that we get taken out of school and have to wave at her - when she first started coming up to the House of the Northern Gate and then acquisition of the now Castle of Mey.
    Been to too many parades and official functions where everything gets painted and cleaned before any of them appear - so so wrong. The worst I witnessed was seeing folk line up to listen for toilet flushing in the corridor outside, another place they sectioned off part of a large room to put in two toilets and sitting area for royal guests - bottle of gin, dubonnet, vermouth in sitting area and heated toilet seat on toilets - why should they get treated any different to anyone else.
    Remove all their priviledges and let them pay for everything they want - same as everyone else, their money will last them some time. No top ups from us.

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    No strong feelings on the monarchy either way. I will say though, Charles always gets a good reception at the Mey games when I've been, many locals keen to see and talk to him.

    Thought I'd see how much 'they' cost us, the tax payer. the answer was suprisingly little, £1.29 each per year. Not enough to march on London and storm Buckingham Palace.

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    They are pretty good for attracting international tourists too and generating income for the UK and a great deal more use than so many loaded politicians.

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    Some interesting statistics I dug up - . Lots of other sources quoted more or less the same figures.

    The House of Windsor is estimated to be worth £19 billion.

    Annual "upkeep" costs paid from public funds - £500 million.

    Royal Family's annual contribution to UK economy - £2.5 billion

    Based upon these figures it seems to me that a viable business plan along Thatcherite principles could be put to use here. Privatise the whole lot of them and make them pay the Exchequer tax on their vast earnings. That would generate some welcome additional tax revenue and would save the £500 million we give them each year.

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