I know certain 'Yes' supporters love Sir John Curtice and quote him, so hopefully they wont 'diss' his latest offering on the way things are going.

LAST year’s spike in support of independence has “proven to be temporary,” Professor Sir John Curtice has said. The leading psephologist was speaking after a new poll put Yes on 46 per cent. The Survation survey, carried out for True North, found that 54% of voters wanted to stay in the UK. Following November's ruling that the Scottish Parliament could not hold a referendum without the consent of Westminster, a slew of polls put Yes ahead. However, the academic said that now that the dust had settled after the verdict little had changed since last summer. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/u...-b2266095.html

So, the temporary indignation at the Supreme Court ruling has subsided.

Looks like Corky Smeek will be keeping that name for many years to come.

Happy belated New Year everyone.