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Thread: Vandalism in Caithness.

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    Default Vandalism in Caithness.

    Vandalism in Caithness.
    And it continues… broken, fires set, etcetera!

    A few years ago was my last trip to The North and…..
    Friday afternoon/evening went for a walk in Wick and the drunks were all over. Walked from The Town Centre to the Harbour and there they were……It would be OK to say it hasn’t changed in 50 years, but it is decidedly worse!
    Thurso on Sat afternoon. Same Olde/Same Olde…Drunks everywhere!

    A week later in Inverness…Saturday aft/evening, Drunks screaming obscenities on the River Bridge..Sunday morning another walk, to find approx 20 youths, Intoxicated/Stoned outside the Assistance Office, spitting/with some Urinating on the door and windows. Absolutely Great for our Image!

    The Police and the Public, have ‘abdicated’ their responsibility for Decency.

    *******Then, as my plane was departing early from Inverness, I booked a B&B just North of there. I took a bag and put it on the front dike to park my car. I turned and several younger kids were biking there, and one tried grabbed my bag. I chased after them and a barrage of swear words….ages 10 to 14! Yup!

    Something needs to be done! Last I saw Willie Mackay’s standing outside the Wick Toilet after it was wrecked…..and what was done…Nothing.
    Within the Scottish Laws there a Penalties for such conduct, but it seems never enforced!

    In addition……Methinks, The North of Scotland people should spend more time keeping their Communities Safe and Respectable, than wishing for something that will likely never happen.
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