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Thread: My Comments. Deleted!

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    Default My Comments. Deleted!

    Recently I made comments on the fact, that a Young Female Teacher was accused of Kissing and Groping a Student.
    I disagreed with the ‘ferocity’ The Groat portrayed the story.
    It was ‘front and centre’ online with her photo and full name. Still Online for approx 10 weeks!
    Over a period of weeks there were hearings which was ultimately adjudicated that she did in fact kiss a Student, but did Not GROPE! And she was allowed back as a Teacher.
    Looking at the Online page it still shows the Kissing and Groping allegations, but mentions nothing about the result…..i.e. only the kiss was confirmed, not the Groping. Thus unless you subscribe to the Highland Newspapers…i.e. PAY, the results are not Public.
    I wrote to The North Of Scotland Newspapers asking why in a complaint, and received a reply saying…
    They have a right and responsibility to Accurately Report, under a Legal Status known as Privilege! Accurately this is not!

    Thus there must have been communications between The Groat and The Fernies, as my comments on here were deleted.

    A private site such as this can be manipulated at will.

    Several years ago I complained to this Site about a person saying white Cops kill Black people!
    The reply I received made light of and I was basically told to ‘suck it up’.

    So I shall continue my comments with IPSO…The Paper Standards.
    One other thing……if anyone knows this your woman, please let her know this! She may get a correction at least!

    Bye all!
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    I wrote an E-Mail to ISPK…Newspaper Standards.
    They contacted The Groat and altho’ there is little they can do, as The woman named didn’t do anything about it, at least the Information stating the GROPING has been taken down, and an updated version of the story seems to have been released.

    In North America, when a Story like this has been printed specifying facts, Journalists and Media of ‘Decent Repute’, would replace it with the Correct facts.
    Many people do not like ‘Tabloid’ Journalism’!
    In some Quarters it is called Much Worse!

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