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Thread: Another Rescue,

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    Default Another Rescue,

    Have recently been reading about the Rescues by Lifeboats, Helicopters, and Mountain Teams, for those who want to ‘adventure’.
    It is time that anyone taking on what could be considered ‘dangerous’ Sport or Conduct, be required to have Insurance and/or pay for the cost of said rescue.

    First you have the danger to the rescuers, and in addition the costs associated for Lifeboats, Coastguard and Helicopters.
    One has to pay for insurance for personal vehicles etc., so why not for their lives….
    e.g…..When sailing The Canadian ‘Great Lakes’ one has standard insurance, but on Ocean trips one has to get a special Insurance ‘endorsement’.

    In North America ‘Ice Fishing’ is extremely popular, but there are certain times when one should not go out. A man ignored this, and it took a great deal of Volunteer and Local Fire Dept to rescue him…..the Township sent him a Bill. He refused to pay. Later he was Civilly responsible for these costs.

    Why should the people have to pay for ‘other people’s foolishness’. e.g..The Groat today…….the Paddle boarder!
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    Agree with you Horseman - many people forget our RNLI, Mountain Rescue are VOLUNTEERS and are always collecting to help fund the services they provide, including kit for volunteers, training, vehicles and other transports to be bought and maintained - all a very costly business
    One question though - when does a stroll in the country become an expedition liable to insurance? A family day at the beach become a huge rescue mission due to the unpredictability of tides/winds
    The folk who take to the hills, especially in winter. completely inadequately equipped - clothes, equipment, knowledge - where does there liability start and finish? The person who goes up Ben Nevis in open toed sandals, shorts and teeshirt and is surprised to find snow at the top but manage to return to base with no search party call out
    Are folk to do a full Risk Assessment plan on every trip outside their home before they can exit the front door. A gentle walk in Wick out to the Boules or along North Head and a small slip could end up with RNLI, Coastguards, mountain rescue, fire brigade, police, ambulance and many others involved in rescuing/helping - would that come under your insurance or what, how far from your home would you have to be to claim from insurance?

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    I agree with you. You have put it well!
    As you say…..’Risk Assessment’.
    To be done by The Rescuers at the time of rescue. Taking all information they have…….and determine…
    The facts which would cause a ‘Person of normal care and judgement’ to have a strong belief, as to the circumstances!
    Our Fire Dept came to a conclusion that this man should not have ventured onto the Ice.
    Let the Civil Tribunal make the decision…. Somewhere this ‘nonsense should be curtailed’!

    A sidebar….I have been a Sailor for over 40 years, both on Freshwater Lakes and many thousands of miles in The Ocean, and one must assess the weather, especially on The Ocean.
    A friend was crossing from Florida to The Bahamas in a 52 foot sailboat, and did not wait for a proper ‘weather window’. He and his crew of 3 were floundering in heavy seas with gale force winds, when he called Mayday! The United States Coast Guard was alerted, but the weather was so bad a Helicopter was unable to pick them up, so eventually they were taken in tow by a large rescue boat and returned to The Florida Coast. His Insurance would not cover the bill he received which was close to $100,000!
    Fortunately he struck a deal with them, and they put most of it down as ‘A Training Exercise’! Just an example of Sailing Stupidity!

    Perhaps a person going across The Moray Firth on a Paddle Board, would be ‘in the same boat’!

    ****Before someone takes me to task, it’s a ‘toss up’ whether to use Floundering or Foundering! Haha!
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    Pat commented well on this.
    Personally I think we should hear all opinions on this issue.
    If you have ‘A Thought’ please comment.
    It’s the Emergency Services that are providing dangerous rescues with their own lives at risk, but also The Public are paying the for the costs.
    We all have a vested interest! Ty.

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    I think governments around the world are going to find more and more 'creative' ways to fleece us, we'll be charged for breathing soon. BBC story is sort of relevant to this topic.

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    Yes, I was going to post that info…
    Says it all…
    **** And thats ‘fleecing us’………I don’t think so.
    Why not Pay for your own Rescue and your Death!

    For those who did not read the article…
    The Mayor of Mont Blanc in France is considering getting a Deposit of €15,OOO from climbers to pay for Rescue and Funeral Costs as there have been so many Incidents. He is calling the people who are climbing…as playing Russian Roulette with their lives!

    Food for thought!
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