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Thread: If The Supreme Court deems Indyref2 legal?

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    Default If The Supreme Court deems Indyref2 legal?

    Douglas Ross has said he and his party will play no part in Indyref2 which seems like a dog whistle for the wider No-voter public to boycott Indyref2.

    Do you think people who want Scotland to remain in the Union will actually boycott Indyref2 if the Supreme Court deems it legal for the Scottish Government to hold a referendum?

    And do you think Scotland will have international recognition of its independence if large numbers of unionists boycott a legal referendum?
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference.

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    I recently read that there are less people who would vote YES now, than in the the previous attempt!
    And another very large sum of money, perhaps wasted.
    And the same Leader who threw Wee Eck under the Bus! I guess she tried for Jail but missed….Badly.

    Perhaps a ‘clean slate’ would be welcome.

    And for the ‘Slate’ writing materials, the best came from the Whalligoe Steps area. Just educating….The Masses!

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    I enjoy reading your riddles Horseman but haven't a clue what you're on about most of the time. You should go head to head with Gollum- you'd win!

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    Thanks. Gollum wasn't all evil!

    My thoughts of The Indyref2., was that a New Era should be the beginning of another run at Independence!
    Same old/Same old does not seem too popular. There has been ‘a lot of water under the Bridge’ since the last one. Much of it pretty messy!
    And…….all involved should be ‘of the same goal’! There cant be this awful ‘competing’ against each other. United we win, divided we fall!

    And the writing slates and pencils…….for the un-initiated……..
    As I was starting Lybster School these were being phased out, and Paper and pencils were being used.

    Now for you Fulmar, a writing slate is the same as a ‘roof slate’, and the pencil is carved like a wooden one, except there is no lead inside, and you write on the The Slate with the shaped piece of rock which is of a softer rock, found in the same place. We used them and they were very efficient. The one draw back is if the slate drops is breaks, so no proof of homework! And The Whalligoe Steps had the best quality.
    Twas just a ‘fun comment’!
    Or you can ‘Google it’! S

    Good luck Corky, but I am sure you will agree that this time ‘all’ should be on the same page!

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    Thank you, I know what a slate is as it happens! I just could not see the relevance of your remark and frankly, I still don't but hey, may be others do.
    How can all be on the same page when there is still the same division as before and folk don't have the same goal, quite clearly.

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    A few random musings:-

    I think we have to be clear on what the Supreme Court has been asked to do. Nicola Sturgeon has asked the SC to rule on whether the Scottish Government currently has the powers to hold IndyRef2 without first obtaining a S.30 agreement from the UK government. She has done this because, as she has stated on numerous occasions, she does not wish to hold a referendum that may be subject to legal challenge. The SC is not being asked to decide whether IndyRef 2 is legal or not. It is merely being asked to clarify where the power to hold one lies (Holyrood or Westminster). If the SC says the SG does not have the power to hold a referendum then a S.30 agreement will be sought from Boris Johnson. If he says "No" (which he probably will) then the next General Election in Scotland will be used as a referendum on the issue.

    A couple of other points that I think need stating:-

    Douglas Ross has just backed himself into a corner by saying his party will play no part in IndyRef2. I cannot believe that he is intending to sit on the sidelines and let everyone else make the decision. If I was a Unionist I'd be (even more) furious with him.

    If the SC says the SG has no powers to hold IndyRef2 on its own accord and, as expected, BJ says "No" to a S.30 agreement then Scotland is effectively being held captive in this Union. Can you imagine the outcry if the EU had said to the UK, "No, you cannot hold a Brexit referendum without our express approval"? Quite frankly, I don't see there being much difference in the situations. BJ cannot go on ignoring Scottish democracy.

    NS has made it very clear that she will not hold an illegal referendum. If the SC says the powers do not exist for the SG to hold a referendum and Boris rejects a S.30 agreement then the next GE will effectively be run as a single issue vote in Scotland.

    I am not an SNP member but I do think they have been very clever with this strategy. Any continued denial of IndyRef2 will confirm once and for all what Westminster thinks of Scotland and the Scots.

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