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Thread: The richest countries in Europe

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    Default The richest countries in Europe

    The graph in the image below shows current per capita GDP for European countries. (Click to enlarge it)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Based upon this measure Ireland is now the richest country in Europe; massively ahead of second placed Switzerland. The UK is languishing in 12th place with a per capita GDP of less than half that of Ireland. If you wish to view the full video the link is here -

    Let's look at some of the countries ahead of the UK:-

    Ireland - pop. 4.995m,
    Norway - pop. 5.379m,
    Denmark - pop. 5.831m,
    Finland - pop. 5,531m

    And just for the sake of comparison:-

    Scotland - pop. 5.454m

    Now, whilst per capita GDP is only one measure of economic performance it is a vitally important one. But what is clear is that population size is no barrier to sound economic growth. Scotland's population is broadly similar to those four countries mentioned above. All of them are hugely successful yet none of them has the range of natural and acquired advantages that Scotland possesses.

    Our fear of taking that first step towards independence is holding us back. We have to stop believing the nonsense spouted by those who do not have Scotland's interests at heart and who constantly tell us we are, "too wee, too poor and too stupid to be independent". We need to improve our national self-confidence. We need to believe that we are no different to every other successful, small country and that we too can join the other nations of the world as a thriving independent country. At the moment we are tethered to a sinking ship with a captain and crew whose incompetence and corruption knows no bounds. We need to get out of this union and make our own way in the world.

    Ask the Irish how they feel about being independent and in the EU.

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    I see your Leader is ‘rattling her chain’ again.
    Is this for real, or just a Headline?….

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    If you mean Nicola Sturgeon enacting her manifesto pledge to give the Scottish electorate a further opportunity to divest itself of this toxic Union and rid itself of the corrupt, sleaze-ridden UK government that is led by a lying, criminal, serial philanderer then the answer is "yes" and it is for real.

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    Corky…she is no better than those in ‘The UK’ Gov’t.
    Have you forgotten The Two Fish fighting…..?
    I don't mean that in a bad way. Look at the Scandals in The Scottish Gov’t…
    Cheeze Whizzzz….Trumped up charges by ‘you know who’!
    And Scotland in One Tenth of the UK Gov’t.
    I dunno…whom-is worse/whom is better!
    Yes, likely it will become better BUT u gotta get rid of The Governing ‘Riff Raff’.

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    I've said this before but it is worth repeating - you really need to become better informed on what is happening over here especially if you think that the FM is, "no better than those in the UK Gov't". The current Tory government is neck deep in scandal, sleaze, lies, corruption and gerrymandering to name but 5 of its sins. Johnson has now even resorted to changing laws and parliamentary codes which exist to provide important checks upon executive power. The man has even given a Russian oligarch a seat in the House of Lords despite advice from the security services not to. It really does make one wonder the extent to which he is governing at the behest of Russian billionaires - who happen to be significant financial donors to the Tories. I honestly don't think it is possible to over-state just how utterly and completely corrupt our Westminster government is. The Scottish government may not have got everything right in recent months but you cannot seriously be suggesting that you don't know which is worse/better.

    Have a wee look at this video:-

    AS was on television over the weekend and was interviewed about NS and IndyRef 2. He was very supportive of her actions.

    What scandals in the Scottish government? What trumped up charges?
    Last edited by Corky Smeek; 16-Jun-22 at 23:22.

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    Te Sex Assaults etc etc etc….and Cost of Prosecution, Defence and Payouts…..
    You are correct in a way tho’.
    We all have A Johnson! It’s just part of the Political Landscape….Unfortunately.

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