The graph in the image below shows current per capita GDP for European countries. (Click to enlarge it)

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Based upon this measure Ireland is now the richest country in Europe; massively ahead of second placed Switzerland. The UK is languishing in 12th place with a per capita GDP of less than half that of Ireland. If you wish to view the full video the link is here -

Let's look at some of the countries ahead of the UK:-

Ireland - pop. 4.995m,
Norway - pop. 5.379m,
Denmark - pop. 5.831m,
Finland - pop. 5,531m

And just for the sake of comparison:-

Scotland - pop. 5.454m

Now, whilst per capita GDP is only one measure of economic performance it is a vitally important one. But what is clear is that population size is no barrier to sound economic growth. Scotland's population is broadly similar to those four countries mentioned above. All of them are hugely successful yet none of them has the range of natural and acquired advantages that Scotland possesses.

Our fear of taking that first step towards independence is holding us back. We have to stop believing the nonsense spouted by those who do not have Scotland's interests at heart and who constantly tell us we are, "too wee, too poor and too stupid to be independent". We need to improve our national self-confidence. We need to believe that we are no different to every other successful, small country and that we too can join the other nations of the world as a thriving independent country. At the moment we are tethered to a sinking ship with a captain and crew whose incompetence and corruption knows no bounds. We need to get out of this union and make our own way in the world.

Ask the Irish how they feel about being independent and in the EU.