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Thread: Nuke Station ‘Nuked’!

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    If anyone wants to read about the New Nuke Plants ‘Google’…….

    ‘A first for Canada…New type of Nuclear Plant opens in 2028’. Small, portable and will service 300,000 homes.
    They are called…..Small Modular Reactor,…SMR).
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    rolls royce was wanting to test modular reactors so why not do it up here

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    Quietly hidden away, is the change in direction of Patrick Moore, one of the Founders of Greenpeace and a Director of said Foundation, who has changed his mind on Nuclear!
    He stated that there are over 100 Nuclear Plants in America and Canada, none of which have every caused an Injury or Death.
    The exception is Chernobyl which was a badly designed Russian Plant.
    Accidents are the exception, not the Rule he stated.

    Balancing Social, Environmental, and Economics…….leads to a balance on Social Environmentalism!

    Well said!

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    News…in The Province of Ontario, Canada, the largest Nuclear Generating Station in the World has been operating for approx 30 years.
    Now they are expanding it to nearly double it’s present size….
    Even the Co Founder of Greenpeace has changed his mind, and stated that Nuclear Power Generation is the safest!.

    ***** Canada has been very careful with Nuclear Energy. This has been a long time in Investigation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Horseman View Post
    Just read that The Scottish Gov’t is ‘holding back’ permission to build a Nuclear Plant.
    Over the years I have dealt with, and watched the production of power from Nuclear Plants, and found them to be safe.
    Either Nature or Human Error is responsible for ‘Accidents’.
    If we take out the Human side of it, the chances of a problem is Negligible!

    The continual Dounreay problems can be rectified if there are several overseeing bodies.
    In North America there are 4 (four) separate oversite bodies watching, thus the chances of failure is remote.
    I would argue that Nuclear Power is safe!………

    Nuclear power stations should not be anywhere in the north of Scotland, We have all seen the devastation it carries and the risks who ever thought Nuclear was the way to go needs to go re-educate themselves wind/water turbines for power not nuclear

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    I disagree, and even the Co Founder of Greenpeace now disagrees.
    Yes, Dounreay was a Mess. It was allowed to be, and it still seems to be.
    There are Thousands of Nuke Reactors in the World, from powering Ships to making electric power.
    Just look at the amount of power we will need when we go ‘all electric’!
    Educate ‘ursell’. They can’t even keep the Tidal one running!
    If it wasn’t the massive subsidies given by Govt’s, we would be nowhere! And that is your Tax Money!

    I now read that Data Centres are installing Small Modular Reactors, as the power to run these Centres with Computers are insufficient.
    A few meltdowns around the World have scared people. Accidents and carelessness do occur, and again 50 years ago they experimental! Not now.
    Read up on it…..Thank You.
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