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Thread: Putin's No.1 target outside Ukraine

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    Default Putin's No.1 target outside Ukraine

    Whilst BBC Scotland and the other media outlets concentrate on the fans of the ugly sisters of Scottish football lobbing bottles at each other something much more important has been going on. It's not their endless obsession with "Ferrygate" or that a royal bairn is 7 years old today. It's not even "Partygate" or what happens when you get unexpected results when searching for tractors on your phone. No, it's far, far more important than any of that yet there has been next to nothing about it in the MSM.

    You see Scotland, and Faslane in particular, will currently be gaining prominence the minds of President Putin and his generals. The reason is that Nato's nuclear powers - USA, France and UK - have all begun assembling nuclear submarines at the base on the Gare Loch making it a vital strategic target in the event of an escalation of hostilities.

    This gathering is not for military exercises but is instead, a direct response to Putin's attack on Ukraine and his threats to Nato members.

    Please watch the video below for more details.

    The number of questions raised by this deployment is vast. Two that concern me are; why are our news media not covering this and, why have the people of Scotland been put in harm's way without any word or explantion by HMG. I wonder if, in some small part at least, it has anything to do with impending elections and a possible future IndyRef.
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    I doubt very much that we are on the brink of Nuclear War… would be ‘tit for tat’!
    The US alone has approx 70 Nuke Subs, but not all Nuke equipped. They have been moving Submarines and other armaments, particularly B52., B1., and B2 Bombers closer to the prob.
    Some of these would be equipped with Nuclear armaments.
    Everyone just now are showing their strengths.
    From all I have read and understand, Russia wants to take back perhaps all or even part of Ukraine, as there are many in the East who are either Russian or of Russian descent! They just don't have the strength to take on more.
    Of course one must remember that China will support the Russians if it comes ‘to the crunch’, so there is formidable fighting force.
    There is a New World Order and will end up with Two Superpowers…..China has taken over the Soloman Islands merely 1,200 from Australia.
    So……we are a Changing World.
    Just a thought…….I does seem a Wee bitty strange that with the Anti Nuclear sentiment in Scotland, and you have Faslane, but doesn’t Scotland get .Millions in ‘Rent’!?. PerhPs money talks!

    Corky..The Media all over the World are reporting on ‘The Sub get together’ in Scotland! A Show Of Force!
    Why would France or Germany have it! They are not too keen supporting Ukraine…..they may do a headline, but that’s it!
    There is a lot here that that ‘doesn’t meet the Eye’! Not everyone is ‘on board’!
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