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Thread: CNN..Cable News Network…America.

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    As a matter of interest…..there are Two Television Series which shows how Politics and Media mesh.
    They are both called…..House of Cards. One is British and the other American….. same plot— different styles. Both on Netflix….or DVD.
    Quite true to the real World.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Horseman View Post
    As a matter of interest…..there are Two Television Series which shows how Politics and Media mesh.
    They are both called…..House of Cards. One is British and the other American….. same plot— different styles. Both on Netflix….or DVD.
    Quite true to the real World.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Moore, former Press Secretary, Military Legislative Aide at U.S. Senate (1984-1986)
    From the point of view of someone who worked on Capitol Hill for 14 years (House and Senate), and worked for 16 more years under four Presidents (Ds and Rs), and who is a native-born Washingtonian who still lives across the Potomac from the Nation’s Capital, I have no problem saying that House of Cards bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Hill or the presidency. None.
    Nor was it supposed to. It was a fun fictional romp filled with bad guys, sex, bad women, sex, occasional shots of the real Washington, DC, sex, and a whole bunch of political nonsense (and sex) that played well outside the Beltway because that’s what the American audience wanted.
    Here, inside the Beltway, we all had our favorite villains (plenty of those to go around in the real Washington) and heroes (not too many of those here in town in real-life). Many of the scenes were shot outside Washington, and that used to be one of the drinking game pleasures of House of Cards: take a shot every time someone drove across a bridge with the wrong background.
    In real life, watching paint dry is a lot more interesting than watching politicians and their staffs.
    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    US rendition. Yup.
    UK Ditto. Yup……….Both called entertainment…..or Poetic Licence!

    Don't tell me Politics ‘is lily white’. Wasn't there ‘much horse trading’ etc.,etc going on within the SNP where the Two Fish got into it, and Salmond’s legal bill was in excess of £500,000…and that was all that was announced.
    And of course Watergate which was a tiny expose’ of the entire event….And the Two Kennedy’s were Assassinated!
    And I was Seconded to Govt for a time…………

    What was The Crown! Again Enuff said. Watch….
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    I find it strange that you find no place, in your critique of the not-so-lily-white UK political scene, for those wonderful, money-saving Conservatives you have been praising so much.

    If anyone were to write the history of political sleeze in the UK then at least ¾ of it would be taken up by the Conservative party and the various nefarious deeds of its politicians in office. Macmillan's government saw the Profumo affair; one of the biggest political scandals ever and one which indirectly led the PM to resign. Various members of the the Thatcher/Major governments were also embroiled in seemingly endless scandals. Jump forward to the current Conservative government and the pattern continues with Boris Johnson making most of the current headlines.

    The Tories have taken sleeze to new and previously unchartered depths. If you wish to malign any politicians for involvement in sleeze then that's fine but don't do it in a manner which implies that the Tories are paragons of virtue. They most certainly are not.


    Profumo Affair -

    Thatcher/Major Gov't -

    Cameron/May.Johnson Gov't -

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    Perhaps I should have said….All Governments have problems/issues with Honesty.
    BUT not all Politicians are corrupt.
    We have them also.

    The most extreme that I have heard, was The Disaster Aid being sent to Haiti, where the entire Gov’t sold all the Donated items.
    AND…How Salmond was charged with 13 Counts of Sexually related Offences..2 of Rape, the most serious of all Sex Crimes, and he was found Not Guilty! I don't understand.

    My comment on the Tories saving money, comes from the years when I was Seconded to The Canadian Gov’t.
    To me, an Outsider/Insider, I worked within a Conservative Gov’t, and did find that they ‘Counted their Pennies’. But people are people and the individual does get into Mischief!
    What is fortunate is that they do get found out and sometimes prosecuted. Or they will resign ‘To spend more time with their Families! (Always a hint at Misdeeds).

    House of Cards…UK edition. …..quote from Gov’t…Teresa May became PM The House of Cards way!
    House of Cards US edition…..Bill Clinton said it was quite true, BUT in the real World they would never get an Education Bill passed so quicklyI. Yup, even Obama made some positive comments about it.

    But as with the Populace…..what I comment on will be disputed……..but before you do…there is Google!
    There are 3 sides to every story. 1 for…1 against….1 In the middle!

    ps…Watch ‘The Wire’…Crime Series…..Crave, HBO on several……….Quite real…Been there…done that!
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