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Thread: CNN..Cable News Network…America.

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    Default CNN..Cable News Network…America.

    This has been a topic of discussion on here before!

    Be cautious of what you believe watching/listening to CNN!
    And then watch what you believe on ‘The BBC’, as they ‘lift’ News from CNN.
    CNN has lost a large portion of their viewers and of course their Sponsors, (approx80+%) due to the Blatant lies they preach……they went after Donald Trump with a Fake Russian Dossier, compiled by a supposedly Former M16 Officer from The UK.
    It was proven to be false, and arrests of the principals have been made.
    Then Chris Cuomo the main ANCHOR at CNN, supported his brother Andrew Cuomo who was Mayor of New York, and has been ‘de-throned’ for attempting to discredit a woman who claimed one of the many Sexual Assaults.
    Several other Main people at CNN are under Investigation for misdeeds.
    It’s a Political mess, and The Mayor Brother stepped down, and the CNN Anchor Brother has been Sacked……

    Explanation…..CNN is a Democratic based News Outlet…..Liberal.
    Fox is a Republican based Outlet……Conservative.

    Donald Trump was not a Presidential Type, BUT……most if the bad press stories were made up by CNN and other Liberal outlets.
    In The United States, Hundreds of Millions of $’s are involved in the Elections……It’s a ‘money pit’.

    ******BORIS doesn't look too bad…He just throws Parties at the wrong time, it seems.

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    You ask us to, "Be cautious of what you believe watching/listening to CNN! ". You then give us a list of reasons why this should be the case even though many of them won't mean much to those of us on this side of the Atlantic.

    Then you tell us, "BORIS doesn't look too bad...". Presumably you saw/heard a report on Fox News; swallowed it hook, line and sinker and expect us to do the same.

    Oh, the irony! Believe me (if only this once) Boris does look bad.

    In any event I'm not even sure what the point of your post is. Everyone knows that news outlets in the US are highly politicised. I imagine people tune into the one which most closely mirrors their views and gives their confirmation bias a boost. Fox News is just as biased as CNN. It just so happens you appear prefer and are prepared to forgive/overlook it.

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    Hi, I first saw the Boris issue on BBC World News…..highlighted about 2 Parties!
    I haven't seen it yet on Fox!

    Fox had their problems several years ago and really cleaned up their Act!
    The point of my Comment is that News should/must be Objective!

    There js no irony……when a Media Outlet finds ‘Fake Dirt’ ….actually Creates it, they should be taken to task..basically ignored.

    Your final comment…..Yes Fox News did some bad things years ago, but they didn't sway an Election. That is bad!
    I contributed for approx 8/10 years to News in Canada and on occasion in the States. in Fact I received a call one day from Moray Firth Radio Station, from…U know where, when several Northern Soccer Players were killed in Canada. They even interviewed me as they identified my Accent!
    MY By-Line here is CAVEAT EMPTOR.

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    Not gonna bother going through all your misguided points, so I'll just do one...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Horseman View Post
    ...Then Chris Cuomo the main ANCHOR at CNN, supported his brother Andrew Cuomo who was Mayor of New York, and has been ‘de-throned’ for attempting to discredit a woman who claimed one of the many Sexual Assaults.
    For which he was instantly taken off the air & eventually sacked after an investigation. What about all the Fox News hosts currently being sued for all their lies & yet are still on air & still spreading lies?
    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    Point me in the direction of those at Fox who are under Investigation.
    like i previously said, they had their own probs years ago, and it seems that they are now ‘toeing the line’.

    What I find disturbing is that The BBC uses direct quotes from CNN. I had though that The BBC was above that, e.g. spreading totally false stories, but not so. We are entitled to have some decent objective reporting.
    Several years ago I was ‘Poo Pooed’ on here for suggesting CNN was corrupt.
    Now after a 3 year Investigation into The Steele Dossier, one of ‘your boys, all that was said about Donald Trump and his Russian connections was lies.

    I just re read your comment in my MISGUIDED POINTS.

    I gave the TV Stations connections….I have nothing to hide.
    What I Sayeth is that Your BBC copies without their own Investigation, all that CNN says……

    Can you imagine, if a Major News Network made up a Story on perhaps YOU…Then fed it to all the Media and Vowed that this was the Truth,
    and everyone started running it as Gospel, later to find that it was a Total Lie………
    YOU find that OK!
    The Operative in the Steele Dossier invited an Investigator from The US to Britain, and attempted to set him up with Devious things….
    In you Avatar at the bottom of your Posts, perhaps practice what you Preach!
    Lets stop the Bleeding!
    Last edited by The Horseman; 15-Jan-22 at 19:40.

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    ".... it seems that they are now ‘toeing the line".

    My goodness, nothing could be further from the truth. For years Fox News claimed to be "Fair and Balanced" despite the evidence from its output showing the reverse to be the case. In fact, the phrase "Fair and Balanced" was it's corporate tagline until it abandoned the pretence and stopped using it in 2017. Now it openly flaunts the fact that it is neither fair nor balanced.

    You will forgive me for not having much faith in your defence of them.

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    A question……did you Like/Support Donald Trump?

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    I don't think you really need me to answer that question ..... do you?

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