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    I had never heard of Constraint payments to windfarm operators but apparently when the wind is really blowing the grid can not cope with the power generated, on occasions windfarms have to be turned off, effectively wasting power.

    However all is not lost for the windfarm operators as they can get paid to keep their turbines still which protects the grid. In addition to this they have quite possibly received a subsidy from the UK Government (taxpayer) to put up the windfarm in the first place.

    Looks like in the rush to get the turbines in place someone forgot to make sure the Grid was fit for purpose.

    At the moment there appears to be more turbines than the grid can cope with and that's before the Scotwind project gets going. This will lead to even more Constraint payments.

    The claim is that these payments only add 1 per year to your bill, hmmm.......

    Until someone is prepared to invest in a better grid link between Scotland and England then it will not be feasible to export power to the areas of high demand.

    Not quite the revenue generator that some people would have us believe.

    Next time you see stationary turbines it may be that the wind is too strong or possibly because the windfarm is being paid for nothing.

    Below is a link which gives more detail.

    Constraint Payments to Wind Power in 2020 and 2021 (

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    Well, you have certainly opened my eyes but perhaps not in the way you might have expected. I followed the link you provided then did a wee bit more digging. Some interesting facts emerged:-

    The Renewable Energy Foundation was founded in 2004 by Noel Edmonds (yes, that one). It is currently a registered charity.

    It appears that REF is not all it seems and that its name does not accurately reflect its real purpose which is to campaign against the wind industry. Indeed, it has been suggested that REF exists to undermine renewable energy not promote it. One of its main financial backers is Calor Gas who I cannot imagine are great friends of the green energy industry. I could go on but rather than list all of REF's supporters/funders the following is a link to an article in the Guardian.

    REF is also alleged to have very close ties to the Global Warming Policy Foundation. GWFP are a climate science denial campaign group.

    I could be kind and describe REF as harmless nutters but they are well connected and funded.

    You will forgive me, however, if I respectfully dismiss every single thing they say. They are peddling a hidden agenda and you can bet your bottom dollar they are not doing it to benefit your or I.

    Further References:-
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    Hey Corky..What area are u in?

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    Hi Tom. The JoG Journal did a story on this a few years ago.

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    Thanks for that Goodfellers.

    Corky, thank you for you research.

    I would be surprised to find any organisation that does not have an agenda behind it, that is their reason for being.

    Constraint payments are unfortunately a fact and another fact is that the grid, in it's current state is not fit for purpose. Something that all the Governments would rather not talk about along with the subsidies from the UK Government.

    Here is another link to an organisation that also have an agenda, I was surprised to see them putting this article on their site. May be No2nuclearpower is just another confused eccentric making things up or could they be solar panel salesmen ?

    Onshore Wind - No2NuclearPower

    Foot Note: God be with the people of the Ukraine.

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    I had a look at the No2NuclearPower web page you linked to. It appears to be largely a regurgitation of REF's article.

    I think it is important to remember that in the 1980s the then nationalised UK energy sector was broken up into 4 broad areas - Transmission, Distribution Generation and Supply and was subsequently privatised in 1990. All of the former electricity boards became private companies and have since evolved into the money grabbing b******s we all know so well.

    A couple of other things to bear in mind are that energy policy is a reserved matter under the control of Westminster. The Scottish Government's only real power in the energy sector lies with the granting or otherwise of planning permissions.

    So if the national grid is in such a dreadful state why isn't Westminster, who control energy policy remember, demanding action from the energy companies? There seems to be plenty of money floating around. For example, National Grid paid shareholder dividends of 1.4 billion in 2020 and 2021. It really does make one wonder just who these shareholders are and what power and influence they have over HMG.

    Oh, and Horseman, what a curious question within the context of this thread. Any reason why you asked it?

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    Corky! Perhaps I am misunderstanding you and ‘your ideals’!
    Enuff said….ty.

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