This has been a topic of discussion on here before!

Be cautious of what you believe watching/listening to CNN!
And then watch what you believe on ‘The BBC’, as they ‘lift’ News from CNN.
CNN has lost a large portion of their viewers and of course their Sponsors, (approx80+%) due to the Blatant lies they preach……they went after Donald Trump with a Fake Russian Dossier, compiled by a supposedly Former M16 Officer from The UK.
It was proven to be false, and arrests of the principals have been made.
Then Chris Cuomo the main ANCHOR at CNN, supported his brother Andrew Cuomo who was Mayor of New York, and has been ‘de-throned’ for attempting to discredit a woman who claimed one of the many Sexual Assaults.
Several other Main people at CNN are under Investigation for misdeeds.
It’s a Political mess, and The Mayor Brother stepped down, and the CNN Anchor Brother has been Sacked……

Explanation…..CNN is a Democratic based News Outlet…..Liberal.
Fox is a Republican based Outlet……Conservative.

Donald Trump was not a Presidential Type, BUT……most if the bad press stories were made up by CNN and other Liberal outlets.
In The United States, Hundreds of Millions of $’s are involved in the Elections……It’s a ‘money pit’.

******BORIS doesn't look too bad…He just throws Parties at the wrong time, it seems.