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Thread: What the hell is going on ?

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    Default What the hell is going on ?

    I was amazed to see the antics of Scottish Power regarding harassment of their customers who may have got in to arrears and indeed some people who were not even their customers.

    It would appear that with the demise of some of the smaller power companies they think they can get away with using bully boy tactics culminating in sending the heavies round to smash someone's door in only to find they have got the wrong address !

    Hopefully they will face criminal charges and have to change their ways. A classic example of an oversize foreign owned company that is a complete shambles. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Note: Scottish Power is the same company that are planning to put up 10 turbines at Hollandmey, nice people to have as neighbours, I think not.

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    I saw that story on the BBC website:

    It will be interesting to see whether they will face criminal charges for doing that, if they don't what does it say about this country?

    I also saw the other day that energy bills are expected to rise sharply in 2022:

    "Energy bills to soar 50% unless government intervenes, industry warns"

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