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Thread: Energy Supplier Switch

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    Default Energy Supplier Switch

    Despite experts advising that now is not the time to bother to switch energy companies, I , after much consideration have decided to do just that in order to try to reduce my electricity bill.

    After a lot of thought I have decided to try the "State owned, not for profit" energy company that Nicola Sturgeon announced she would be setting up in 2017 and would be up and running before the end of the last Parliament.

    I have, however been unable to find their website, could some one please advise me of the website address so I can make some savings.

    Thank you in advance.

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    The SNP/Greens abandoned the idea recently. I think in September having already spent approx half a million examining the idea.

    Read about it at

    It all seems a bit woolly about plans for something else by 2025.

    It is probably just as well considering what has happened to so many other energy companies recently. The writing was on the wall.

    Perhaps if all the alternative energy places were in public ownership and profits not flowing to foreign companies it would be good but taking them over would cost a fortune in compensation now.

    Lets hope the same does not happen to the new National Investment Bank but they way things are looking at other banks recently we should be a little concerned.
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    Default Hmmm

    Shame to hear another half million pounds of taxpayers money has been wasted on "consultants".

    I suppose we just add it to the other 4 billion and say "oh well".

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