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Thread: Horses at the ready

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    Default Horses at the ready

    Everyone grab and horse as Caithness joins the reinactment of the Wild West land grabs , when Pentland sells out to Cairn the plot of land that runs from Naver Place to Wolfburn stream along the back of High Ormlie with be on the market . It already has planning for mixed housing . So get ready for the gun to sound the start of a land grab and housing boom . By quick as some the best plot with views over scrabster have been promised .

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    I can’t see the problem with this, why shouldn’t they sell a piece of land they own?

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    It does seem a Dozy thing to say

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    Hi Goodfellers, long time no see!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulmar View Post
    Hi Goodfellers, long time no see!
    Hi Fulmar! I take a look on here every now and then, although not a lot seems to be going on since Orkneycadian 'left'..........I only commented as I'm interested to know why Dozy changed his name.

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    Perhaps it is what is called a 're-set'?

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    I did think about deleting this name and re-joining, but I didn't want to lose all my green squares. I liked the name Dozy as I know him and understand how he came up with the name. I suppose if you didn't understand the reasoning behind the name you might wonder why anyone would pick that as a screen name and Kiltedviking does sound more fearsome!

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